We would like to take a moment and welcome you to the very first Mastery Manager blog! Our history and our passion have been firmly rooted in the educational world and we are fortunate to be educational partners with districts across the country. We live by the mantra, “Know what your students know…now”.  This knowledge of students’ strengths and weaknesses gives power to the educator. It drives instruction and can consume thoughts long after the final bell has rung.  As seasoned teachershands in ourselves, we often reflect on the needs and feelings of the educator. While out providing professional development sessions, our team is thrilled when we get the chance to connect with teachers, you know… to talk shop, if you will.

Life as an educator is fast-paced; we are pulled in many directions, and need to prioritize our task-filled days.  Unfortunately, during these busy days we may miss the opportunity to connect with our colleagues. Yet connections with others can improve understanding and facilitate professional and personal growth. How often do we reach out to get feedback or ideas from our colleagues? Do we listen to the concerns of our peers? Is celebrating the collective successes in our professional and personal lives a routine activity? Sure, we would all love to scream “Yes! Of course…. all the time” but realistically, even collaboration takes effort, planning, and follow-through. So, in our continued effort to meaningfully connect with educators, enter our blog, EduKnowledge Now!  icon-Icons

EduKnowledge Now posts will consist of educational professionals and EdTech leaders sharing a variety of thoughts on happenings in the educational world. Our goal with EduKnowledge Now is to increase communication with educators, provide a forum in which their voices are heard and share our passion for teaching, technology, q3
and education.  We will also spotlight inspirational educators, districts, and even the innovators here at Goldstar Learning, Inc., developer of Mastery Manager.

We know it is truly an honor to be a part of the educational system.  Knowing the importance of our role in schools, assisting students and teachers to achieve greater success, motivates us to strive to do more. EduKnowledge Now will be a place where we can share, inform and celebrate education.

We want to connect, to hear from you. Will you let your voice be known? Use our new forum to share your thoughts on pressing topics in schools right now!

So let’s get started:

Let’s talk shop.


3 thoughts on “Welcome…Let’s talk shop

  1. The McLean County Unit District No. 5 has been on board with online-only assessments since its inception. We look forward the to introduction of Student Growth Modules and all other enhancements to make student data useful for our teachers!

    1. Hi Sean,
      Thanks for checking out EduKnowledge Now. We love being educational partners with the McLean County Unit District No.5 and we are excited about the work going on in our development department based on user feedback. Watch out for the exciting changes in Mastery Manager happening in 2016!

  2. I think posing the question “Is celebrating the collective successes in our professional and personal lives a routine activity?” one of the best places to start. Reflecting on if we are truly celebrating success, no matter how small, can be challenging as it is something that often gets overlooked. Collaboration is key on all levels and I appreciate this blog as a new medium to communicate.

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