Create engaging content in a flash!

Mastery Manager’s new Item Bank 2 platform truly takes the ease of content creation, management and assessment construction to a whole new level. The new design is user-friendly, interactive and streamlined to save teachers time. Create engaging content, effectively assess student understanding, inform your instructional decisions and ultimately raise the level of student learning.

Fast & Easy Interface with Autosave


Clicking “save” is a thing of the past!  Autosave allows you to create questions without fear of losing your work.

Organize in Folders


Find your content quicker by creating and organizing an unlimited number of folders and subfolders to store questions and reference material.

Item Bank Assessments in a Snap


Spin up an assessment in seconds without leaving the Item Bank. Simply create or search for item bank questions, select the items and name the test.

Collaborate in Workgroups


Educators can now be part of workgroups that allow them to manage shared item bank questions and reference materials. This encourages additional collaboration between classrooms, grades and schools within your district.

Search, Find and Create on the Fly


Need to see more than one question at a time? Users can select, search, edit and delete multiple items at once in the new grid view, as well as preview all the questions on one page.

Robust Equation Editor


Math teachers rejoice! Increase the rigor of math questions by adding advanced math equations. The equation editor is grouped by subject so searching is a breeze.

Ready to Learn More?

Fully Searchable Users’ Guide


Mastery Manager’s fully searchable Users’ Guide provides users with step-by-step instructions for all aspects of Item Bank 2. Learn how to use all the new features in this module by reviewing these in-depth articles.

Item Bank 2 Video Library


Mastery Manager’s Tutorial Videos are quick (less than 3 minutes) and informative. They provide yet another resource that helps teachers learn how to use Item Bank 2 to its fullest potential.

Item Bank 2 Ready for Next School Year

Already have Item Bank?

Wondering what you need to do? Nothing! We will take care of everything! All accounts will be migrated before the 2018-2019 school year. Our team will contact you with your exact migration date. Have questions about migration? Login to Mastery Manager and check out the details in our migration FAQ.

Interested in Item Banking?

Save your teachers time and paper by adding the Item Bank Online Module. Fill out the form to learn more about adding Item Bank 2 to your current subscription.