& SmartForms

Flexible Forms and Instant Scoring

New bubble forms design and added camera scanning options will save teachers time and frustration.

Page Scaling Issues Are a Thing of the Past

Have you ever had to reprint forms or trim the page down due to page scaling? Mastery Manager’s new forms design and smart page recognition feature eliminate the stress and frustration of having to hand score your tests due to scaling issues. Smart page recognition allows forms to be scanned and scored even if they were scaled to less than 100% during printing – a huge time saver and one less headache to worry about during crunch time.

Additional Flexible Scanning Options

SmartScan offers additional time-saving flexibility to scan Mastery Manager assessment forms. A typical class of students can be scanned and scored in about 30 seconds using high-speed document scanners with automatic form feeders, saving tons of time and frustration. In addition to Windows, SmartScan also allows for Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads or any macOS web-enabled device with a camera to be used for scanning.* While auto-feed document scanners are still the fastest and most efficient means of scanning, the addition of iOS and Mac camera support makes it easy to scan one-offs like make-up tests and roster forms.

Immediate Results

The SmartScanScan app provides educators and students another way to scan their completed assessment and instantly view test results. Simply launch the app, place the Mastery Manager form under any iOS device with a camera and watch Mastery Manager’s SmartScan instantly score student responses. Scores are displayed in an easy to read pie chart for students, and teachers can click on a name to display the score.

SmartForms Are Fully-Customizable

The flexibility of the dynamic forms generator allows teachers to automatically generate custom forms and assess beyond multiple choice. From rubrics and scoring checklists, to gridded response and matching questions, assessment forms can be printed, administered and then scanned using your iOS phone, iPad or high-speed, automatic, sheet-fed document scanner.
You asked and we listened! The forms page now has additional options, giving teachers more flexibility in printing forms. Trouble grading on teacher forms because the bubbles were too small? Now you can adjust the bubble size to make them larger or smaller based on your preference. Use one size for students and one size for teachers; it is up to you! We also added column padding, row padding, and zoom so you can scale questions and find the right fit for your needs. Looking to save paper? Reduce zoom. Have a student who needs more space between questions to focus? Increase padding between questions.

Get Students Involved

Students can now scan their own forms and get immediate results right from the SmartScan app! All you need is an iPad, iPhone, or a computer with a compatible camera* and students can do the scanning right from the classroom. Finished with a test and want students to know how they did immediately? Set up a scanning station and students can walk up one-by-one to scan their test and see their score, or pull out their phone and scan from their desks. The report displays for the student, and then automatically goes away, so that results are kept private and the next student in line does not see anyone else’s score.

New SmartScan & SmartForm Features

Paper-Saving Features:
  • Labels moved inside the bubble
  • Fit more questions on a page
  • Student ID box is condensed
  • Header only appears on page 1
  • Print option to zoom; scale questions smaller
  • Rubrics have ability to break across the page
Convenience Features:
  • Print date added to forms
  • Student scanning
  • Scan from anywhere
  • Multiple scanner options
Formatting Features:
  • Ability to adjust padding on columns and rows to save space
  • Can print horizontally, in addition to vertically
  • Zoom function
  • More bubble size options