At the heart of all that goes on at Mastery Manager is meeting the needs of the educators who use our assessment solution every day to inform their instructional decisions. And in today’s educational environment, the needs of teachers and educators are ever-changing. Mastery Manager continues to grow and evolve to meet and exceed those needs. As the troubadour Bob Dylan mused, “The times they are a changing” – and at Mastery Manager, that couldn’t be more true.  The best is yet to come!

So, what can you expect to change? Well, one thing already has! Notice anything different?

Yes! We look different…. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of all the innovation and growth happening at Mastery Manager. These aesthetic changes are in place to reflect our network of educational partners; the new look is as bright as our teachers, as energetic as our students, and as sharp and attentive as our team.  We’ve also optimized the look of the platform across multiple devices, allowing you to work in your preferred environment with ease.

Now that we’ve got your attention…

We are committed to making your assessment and data analysis process seamless, giving you even more time to meet the needs of your students. We’ve reflected on your comments, requests and suggestions and used that to create our roadmap of change. Here is a sneak peek at a few enhancements coming your way:

Scanning with phones and tablets: Have a few make up tests you need to get scanned, but too busy to leave your desk? Soon you’ll be able to just pull out your phone or tablet and scan those forms with any web enabled device that has a camera. Pretty awesome!!!

Item bank: Our goal is to save you time and allow you to manage your content the way you choose. The new item bank interface will be more intuitive and user-friendly.  We’re making it easier to input questions into the item bank. With a streamlined process, you will be able to create questions in ONE window, eliminating the need to travel from link to link. New question types will be supported including new technology enhanced items (TEI), weighted response and multipart questions. Publishing and sharing item bank question content will be a cinch and assessment creation can happen in seconds.

Performance and scalability: Exciting work is also being done at the very foundation of Mastery Manager to improve overall system performance and scalability, so we can continue to grow with our clients.

Interactive Reports:  We are streamlining Mastery Manager reporting and enhancing its look.  You’ll be able to access multiple views of your data from a single screen. No more closing one report and generating a new one to change the perspective. For example, if you’re reviewing the Standard Mastery overview report and want to see the same information in roster view, you’ll just toggle a button on the screen to roster view. No more closing one report and opening a whole new one.  You’ll also be able to easily switch the view from single assessment to a multiple assessment trend view.  Have any suggestions for reports?  We’d love to hear from you.

All these improvements are possible because of your feedback. So keep it coming and we’ll keep innovating.  As feature enhancements progress through development, we will make sure you are the first to know. In the coming months, you’ll see additional newsletters and social media posts regarding the timeline of releases for our new features.

2 thoughts on “Mastery Manager: a look into the horizon

  1. We look forward to seeing all of these new features! When should we expect to be able to utilize them?

    1. Yes! We are excited you’re looking forward to the new features. We expect some of them to start rolling out for Beta testing in the May/June.

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