As we gear up for the last six weeks of 2021 (how is that even possible?), I find myself once again entering a period of reflection. I’m reflecting on what has been accomplished so far this school year and what goals I have as we prepare to leap into the second semester. Our team is amazed how schools have persevered in this time of unprecedented upheaval. Today we reflect, celebrate and thank all the people who make Mastery Manager the tool trusted by so many during this uncertainty.

First, thank you to our education partners. You continue to astonish us each and every day with the changes that have transpired in the past 18 months. Your dedication to your students is noticed! You are noticed! So many of our schools are adopting programs to help students with social and emotional learning, which is crucial, but we want to know how you are. Are there programs that have been put in place to make sure our teachers are ok? Are there certain podcasts that really speak to you to keep the momentum going? 

As a company, our passion is helping educators and students across the country. This

wouldn’t be possible without specific departments that keep the ship running. When the pandemic first occurred our team immediately asked what changes were needed to allow teachers to do their work effectively.True to form, everyone stepped up, in their roles, to deliver.

Let’s first give a shout-out to our software engineering team. This team works tirelessly to ensure our assessment platform is always working smoothly, and they continue to make enhancements each and every day. Although you may never see them, know they very much strive to ensure students and teachers have the best experience when using Mastery Manager.

The true face of Mastery Manager lives in our top-tier training and support team. There is no job they wouldn’t do so our customers have the best experience assessing and using the data collected in our reports. They go above and beyond on a daily basis. If you hear the words “customer service” you don’t often think of it being an enjoyable experience. That is the opposite when you work with our team. Not a day goes by where we don’t hear gushes of praise about the work they do. Most recently we received this feedback, “Mastery Manager has the best customer support I’ve ever experienced. I’m not talking about just education, I mean ever.” Each member brings a specific skill set that, when blended together, is unstoppable. Having a robust and powerful product with a dedicated support team is what truly makes Mastery Manager stand out from the competition. 

After reading my colleague Jenny’s blog, Staying Sane While Teaching During a Pandemic, developing a reflective routine became a priority for me. I wanted to make sure the people that use and the people that work at Mastery Manager feel acknowledged. In a time where the world still feels so heavy, I’m taking the approach of making sure the important people around me know how special they are. Do you have anyone you want to celebrate? Tell them! Check in on them! You can even let them know right here in the comments!

Julie Gallatin

B.S. Elementary Education 2005, M.A.T. 2006

Mrs. Gallatin has been a primary teacher for over 8 years while also serving as a district curriculum writer, professional development trainer, and technology specialist. She uses her knowledge of professional learning communities and writing common assessments aligned to national and state standards to enhance her trainings to meet the needs of the Mastery Manager end-users. She loves spending time with her family, playing with her pets, and traveling.

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