Three Reasons to Safely Administer Your Assessments

Teachers work SO hard to create content for their students and their professional learning communities. Obviously, you want to keep it secure. It’s 2021, and amazingly, teachers have students testing at home AND in class- at the same time!

Mastery Manager’s teachers create incredibly engaging content for their students each day. They choose to use Exam Login – Safe Exam Browser, our Secure Browsing App, to administer their assessments to students because they trust our system. Mastery Manager has so many ways to take the worry and stress out of administering tests, no matter where they are completed. 

When COVID-19 hit the U.S in March of 2020, educators turned to Mastery Manager because they knew they could trust our secure testing system. We strive to be the best assessment solution on the market so when the global pandemic hit, we asked ourselves, “What can we do to make our online testing even better?” We wanted teachers to be able to easily structure their digital classes safely from home. 

Individualize Secure Browser Requirements

Some teachers have students testing both at home and at school. Whether you’re a teacher who needs a solution to administer a secure test for their students at home, but not for the students in the classroom, or you have students testing at home and want to proctor the sessions over Zoom as they complete the assessment in a browser, Mastery Manager easily gives teachers the ability to individualize secure browser requirements. Having the option of a secure testing application like Exam Login, will prevent students from navigating outside of their testing session- no matter where they are.

End Testing Sessions With One Click

In this new testing environment, teachers have experienced a multitude of situations that they would not have dreamt of prior to March 2020. New Actions on the Status page allow teachers to readmit a student or group of students and/or end a testing session immediately! In some instances, like a student exiting a Zoom call or an unexpected fire drill, (I used to love these in the middle of February in Chicago…) it is necessary for teachers to end an assessment for students and then readmit once they are back on the call or in the classroom.

Keep Students in Your Assessment, Only

Because teachers work so hard to create assessments that are tied to learning objectives, are challenging, and reflect their teaching, many times we like to do a bit of revision and use them year after year. With our secure testing feature, teachers do not need to worry about students borrowing any question content as students cannot navigate outside the application while they are testing. Mastery Manager allows teachers to randomize questions and answer choices. Teachers can create open-ended questions in our Item Bank to further prevent any misconduct while testing.

Many of us never imagined the ways teachers themselves would be tested to get an assessment completed. Teachers have the best ideas- and that is exactly how we continue to grow our product here at Mastery Manager. What are the ways you keep your assessments secure? Do you use the safe exam browser for all your assessments or mainly summative or finals? 

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Ellen has several years of educational experience teaching at the elementary level. While teaching, she furthered her interest in technology by receiving her certificate in Blended Learning. Ellen uses her standards based assessment, technology, and subject matter expertise to plan engaging and productive trainings for Mastery Manager users. Outside of work, Ellen enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, and trying new restaurants in Chicago.

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