At Goldstar Learning, Inc., we love hearing how our educational partners are using Mastery Manager to its fullest.  Even better, some users are so excited about how using Mastery Manager impacts student learning, they devote an entire blog post, or series, to effective use of our assessment solution.  We recently came upon one such blog and are excited to share it with you.

Mastery Manager… online!  is the first in a series of posts, written by high school Spanish teacher Ann Syversen Bullis of District 214. She shares how various teachers at Rolling Meadows High School are using Mastery Manager to enhance instruction and student learning:

“One useful feature of Mastery Manager is its online version. As all of our classrooms are now 1:1, it is feasible to discuss online assessments both for the benefit of the student and the teacher. Just last month, Mr. +Dan Jones decided to try out the online feature for final exam prep in his AP Calculus BC class…. In order to help his students be prepared for their final exam and be familiar with the style of questions, Mr. Jones created a practice test …

Mr. Jones decided to try this online version for practice so that he could control the students’ access to the practice test. Using Mastery Manager ensured him test question security which was important to him as an AP Calc BC teacher. He also wanted the students to be provided with the immediate feedback that using the program offers. Additionally, Mr. Jones liked receiving the data on the students both as a class and as individuals for use such as item analysis and for more information on specific students’ performance.

After administering the practice final exam in this manner, Mr. Jones asked his students to reflect on the use of the online Mastery Manager. He said that the students reported that they generally liked the online format and that they thought the practice test had helped them tremendously. Mr. Jones affirmed this belief noting that most of the students scored about 20% higher on the final exam than on the practice test.”

Excerpt from Mastery Manager… online! Read the article in its entirety here.

We are excited to read more insights into practical ways Mastery Manager is helping teachers every day! Be sure to follow District 214’s blog, Digital Transformations, so you can read all installments in this series.


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