It’s May… And that means summer break is so close you can almost taste it. While you may already be dreaming of bathing suits, baseball, and barbecues, you’ve still got 4, maybe 5, weeks of school left. Don’t fret! Enjoy this time and celebrate small victories each week, and the time might even fly by a little too fast. We’d like to suggest making your Fridays fabulous. Each week, we encourage you to celebrate with some of our easy, inexpensive, Fabulous Friday activities to bond as teachers, colleagues, and friends. And hey… If you have more or less Fridays than our list, pick your favorites or add to the list. Send us pictures of your Fabulous Friday celebrations and we’d love to feature you on our social media sites with the tag #FabulousFriday!


  1. Fabulous Friday Luncheon: It’s simple… Put a sign-up sheet in the lounge, people sign up to bring items (appetizers, snacks, desserts, hot items, paper products, etc.), and enjoy lunch with some delicious treats and friendly conversations. Have left over decorations from a birthday party? Put them out in the lounge to make the pot luck festive! I’ve never seen a lounge as busy as when goodies were out for the taking. Does your school have lots of great chefs or bakers? Why not include a cook/bake off to spice up the action at your pot luck? This activity is sure to please the brains and bellies of your school staff.
  2. Spirit Day: Show off your college spirit by rocking your favorite college gear. It’s fun for teachers and staff to sport a sweatshirt or tee supporting your alma mater or favorite academic destination and students will see that you’re setting an example of being college and career ready. Have pictures from your college graduation? Get those up in the hallways and take showing off your school spirit up a notch.
  3. Bowling for Break: Meet up at the local bowling alley for some good-hearted, competitive action. Split into teams, grab a fun bowling shirt, and just let loose! How about a dance contest for the most outrageous strike celebration? (If you’re looking for a completely free competition, grab a ball, head to the school yard, and have a pickup game of kickball. And if you’ve got colleagues who are hesitant, have them be the referees or cheering section!)
  4. Throwback Picture Challenge: Remember all those adorable baby pictures or glamorous senior photos? Bring them in… hang in them in the lounge, office, or hallway and see who can guess the teacher or faculty member. Now if your pictures are anything like mine… everyone will be in for a few laughs with this one!
  5. Piñata Party: But not your typical, candy-filled piñata. We are talking about a teacher survival stuffed piñata: post-its, sharpies, pens, erasers, chocolate, anything your teachers would LOVE! Not only can the group bond by taking a turn to whack that piñata, but when it does finally break, teachers will go nuts for the special teacher-loved surprises inside.



Have a Fabulous Friday idea of your own? Share it in the comment section below!

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